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HumanTech Expeditions Program

17 mayo, 2019 - 17 mayo, 2020

HumanTech Expedition Program
HumanTech Expedition Program

Technology impacts most of human interactions and behaviors; from the cultural, the social and the political dimensions to the way of doing and leading business, the economical dimension.

Now, more than ever, it is vital that business leaders are fully aware and connected with the key agents that are driving change, disrupting Business Models, Strategies and Organizations around the world.

For this purpose, we have developed the Human Tech Expeditions – HTX, an experiential Leadership Program consistent of a series of Disruptive Learning Expeditions that will give direct insights of current and future trends around the world, through dynamic, interactive and immersive learning experiences.

This journey will provide Leaders with a full immersion into the keys of the Digital Transformation that are shaping business and organizations in a world of exponential changes.


  • Immersion into meaningful and disruptive business and social environment:Singapore – SMART Nation project / Boston Int’l hub of Education, Innovation, Research and disruptive Entrepreneurship initiatives.
  • Access to top class experts, institutions and organizations in three continents.
  • On the field observation about how digital and technology is shaping human behaviors.
  • First hand update on global big trends.
  • Understand how big trends can impact different industries and how to manage them on yours.
  • Conversations and connections with key thought leaders and organizations that have already gone through a digital transformation or that have challenged the status-quo.
  • Challenge your Leadership Style and your company’s business and organizational model.
  • Observe how the Context (social-politic-economic) influences digital transformation
  • Understand what are the latest Exponential Technologies and how they are impacting all industries.
  • Witness how real Disruptive Organizations are leveraging Exponential Knowledge to lead the present and the future of their business.
  • Create your personal global network.
  • A program for continuous life long learning.

Inesdi | HTX Program


3+1 Modules

  • Boston – USA
  • Madrid – Europe
  • Singapore – Asia
  • On-line + one day in Barcelona

3 Modules (120h)

  • one week long
  • every 4 months

1 Module (32h)

  • 10 months on-line platform
  • 1 day project presentation


Inesdi | HTX Program

It has been proven that 90% of what we remember when we learn happens when we go through an immersive learning experience that includes:

  • Learning Expeditions.
  • Learning through workshops.
  • Real time observation.
  • Discussions and peer to peer learning.
  • Practical applications of learning.

Inesdi | HTX Program World

The HTX program takes these principles into account, introducing learning expeditions to those parts of the world where change agents are directly reshaping and disrupting businesses through technology and new human behaviors.

All the modules of the HTX program have been designed to connect participants with the most relevant contents, experts, institutions and organizations that are driving innovation and digital transformation, combining different methodologies such as workshops, peer to peer learning, expert panels, technology updates and in-company sharing experiences.


  • Date: February 20


  • Date: June 20


  • Date: October 20


  • Date: November 20
Inesdi | Bhavna Karani

Bhavna Karani

Director / Profesor

HumanTech Expeditions Program Director. Global HR Professional.

Participant profile

Present and future business leaders who are driving their organizations into the future.
Digital and Innovation leaders seeking to transform their companies.
Entrepreneurs who never stop learning and need inspiration to transform their industry or businesses.

Inesdi have different scholarship programs to facilitate our students access to postgraduate programs. The amount of these scholarships can reach up to 20% of the total amount of the course, according to the grant awarded.

Take advantage of the 35% discount for those enrolled in this first edition of the HTX Program. Also we have a 2×1 special offer for those companies that want to enroll two workers.

You can also benefit from our financing agreements for our students with the Banco de Sabadell.

Request more information through our form and we will contact you or call 902 501 603.

  • Director: Bhavna Karani
  • Modality: Immersion
  • Date: Request information
  • City: Madrid, Boston, Singapore, Barcelona

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17 mayo, 2019
mayo 17
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